History of the Foothills Chapter #301of SC

                           Korean War Veterans Association, Inc


In the Spring of 2004 Lew Perry, a member of the National KWVA, contacted Pat Sullivan, President of the Low Country Chapter #185, South Carolina's first chapter, about the possibility of forming a local KWVA chapter in the area of Greenville, SC.

On July 17, 2004 Pat Sullivan sent a packet of information outlining the requirements necessary for establishing a new chapter and a list of National KWVA members in the Greenville area.

All, of the National members in the area were contacted to see how many would be interested and would support a local chapter. Most all contacted were in agreement and willing to sign on.

After considerable time was spent, trying a locate a suitable place to meet, the branch library was selected because there was no cost  to library members for the use of the meeting room, With letters to all prospective members and notice in the local newspapers, the first meeting was scheduled for November 21, 2004.

Nine (9) persons attended the first meeting called an informational meeting with our sponsor Pat Sullivan outlining the requirements for starting a new chapter.

The procedure for establishing a local chapter required obtaining the signatures of 12 regular members with four (4) or five (5) willing to serve as officers, on a petition, for a new chapter to be sent to KWVA headquarters.

When the twelve (12) signatures were on the petition Lew called an organizational meeting to elect officers and complete the petition.

The second meeting was attended by sixteen (16) including wives and associate members.

Officers elected were; Lew Perry, President - Francis Thompson, First Vice President - Larry Johnson Second Vice President - Marcielle Peterson Day, Secretary-Treasurer. Other officers appointed were, Lee Ayers, Historian - Ex-POW Frank Tooley, MIA/POW Officer - John "Tommy" James, Chaplain.

The completed petition for a charter was mailed to sponsor Pat Sullivan who in turn forwarded the petition to the National Membership Chairman on January 18, 2005 for assignment of a chapter number.